Celebrating National Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month! A time to reflect and focus on addiction recovery as well as the journey those in recovery have undertaken to get to where they are today. An estimated 22 million Americans are currently in recovery. This is a month where people and communities come together to show support.

This celebration of healing is also a time to bring awareness to mental health and substance abuse addictions. According to the CDC, 67 thousand people died from a drug overdose in 2018, and countless more live in active addiction. Many will take this opportunity to learn more about addiction treatment resources in the Tampa area.

What Is National Recovery Month?

According to the official website, National Recovery Month, ” is a national observance held every September to educate Americans that substance use treatment and mental health services can enable those with mental and substance use disorders to live healthy and rewarding lives.”

This will be the 31st year since September earned this title.

Why Does National Recovery Month Matter?

Addiction destroys lives. We all know that. Depending on what you’re seeing in your own family, community, and the media, it may feel like living with addiction is a hopeless situation.

But people do recover every day. They go on to live fulfilling and productive lives. So it’s important to focus on the massive number of people who recover–and how they did it. 

In September, you’ll learn more about the resources available. You and your loved one can get onto the recovery path and stay on that road to healing.

How You Can Celebrate 

During this month, you may find recovery events to attend like those at Riverside Recovery. At these events, you can connect with others experiencing a similar life path. You can learn more about recovery resources available to you or a loved one. 

Attending events and sharing them on social media shows your community that those in recovery are active and growing. You’re committed to your own recovery and supporting others at various stages along the path. 

Together we are stronger!

You can demonstrate that fact by taking actions in September like:

  • Letting people know you’re attending a recovery event in person and on social media
  • Sharing encouragement, your personal success story, and treatment resources using hashtags. #recovery #RecoveryWorks #Soberlife #recoverymonth
  • Learning more about treatment and recovery
  • Joining the recovery community by getting into treatment if you’re still struggling with a substance use disorder

How To Be Successful In Recovery?

Recovery is a journey, not a destination. And it helps to work with people who’ve “been there”. We can show you valuable life skills. Practicing them helps you re-shape harmful belief systems. Turn unhealthy habits into healthy, life-enriching experiences with skills like:

  • Practicing acceptance
  • Attending to self-care (mental, physical, and spiritual)
  • Getting/Staying involved in a supportive recovery community
  • Attending continuing therapy
  • Learning how Riverside Recovery of Tampa can help you get into recovery and stay on the recovery path

If you or a loved one is in active addiction, know that there is a community of people here at Riverside Recovery of Tampa who understands. 75% of us have gone through the recovery process and know first-hand how to support others. Please reach out to learn more about treatment options and begin recovery today.