Reconnecting with Our Inner Voice

The self-destructive cycles of our addiction can cause us to lose our connection to our inner voice. We can start to feel our inner strength waning as a result. Our inner voice can be confused for the voice of our inner demons, the crippling and destructive manifestations of our fears and unhealed emotions. We can tell the voices apart by looking at where they’re coming from. Our inner demons usually feel like they’re coming from the whirlwind of our busy minds. The fears of our wounded ego are usually behind these voices. The true inner voice of our intuition comes from our hearts. It comes from deep within. When we hear it, we feel a sense of calm and stillness. It feels like it’s coming from our inner light, not from the turmoil of our fear. Pay attention to how your inner voice feels. You might feel uplifted and encouraged. As you strengthen your connection to that inner voice, you realign with your inner self and your higher power.

Our inner voice is communicating a higher truth to us. This voice is a reflection of our truest, most aligned self. Our inner light is imploring us to treat ourselves us with self-love, forgiveness and compassion. When we listen to it, we’re less inclined to beat ourselves up. We see ourselves as divinely created manifestations of our higher power. We feel worthy of respect and deserving of love.

Our addictions have taught us to belittle ourselves and keep ourselves small. Over time, we’re diminishing the strength of our inner voice and our connection to it. Our intuition suffers. We have a hard time trusting our instincts and making decisions. We lower our standards and stay in toxic relationships. We think and speak poorly of ourselves because our sense of self-worth has suffered the effects of our disconnection.

Practice meditating and accessing the place of stillness and spaciousness within you. The more we can find internal quiet, the more we open ourselves to be able to hear our inner voice. When we practice getting quiet within ourselves, listening to it and following its guidance, we strengthen our intuition and our ability to rely on it.

Much of Riverside Recovery’s staff is comprised of people in recovery. We understand firsthand just how disconnected and lost addiction can make us feel, and we’re here to help you reconnect with yourself. Call (800) 871-5440 today for more information.