Giving Ourselves Emotional Space to Heal

Often when we are struggling with addictions, depression and other mental and emotional health issues, we don’t have the space to focus on our healing. Many of us are in relationships that are so consuming that we can’t focus on ourselves, often because they are toxic or abusive. We prioritize our relationships over our own wellbeing, we have a very hard time letting go of unhealthy attachments, and we don’t give our recovery the focus, attention and energy it needs. Learning to give ourselves the emotional space we need to heal is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.

When it comes to giving ourselves space to heal, it can come down to making the very important decision that our wellbeing matters to us, that we matter, and then having the courage to follow through with that decision. Try to make your inner dialogue as encouraging and motivational as you can. “You are brave. You are strong enough to do what’s best for yourself.” Work to build your self-confidence and self-assuredness in moving forward to take healthy steps for yourself. Taking the space you need, especially if it means creating distance in your relationships, can be extremely hard to do, so try to mentally and emotionally be your own ally and encourage yourself as much as possible.

How can you give yourself the emotional space you need to heal? If you need more solitude, carve out time for that and take whatever measures you need to in order to give yourself more solitude. If you need to take time away from your relationships, communicate your needs and prioritize making sure those needs are met. If you need dedicated space for recovery and the support of professional help, entering treatment might a good option for you.

Once we have the space we need, we can dedicate more of our energy to really focusing on ourselves and our recovery. We can take more healing steps for ourselves. We can begin to prioritize our needs rather than burying them under the issues of our relationships. You might find you have more time to meditate, get exercise and journal. You might have more time to dedicate to your spiritual practice. You might have the space to consider going to therapy. Being able to really focus on yourself and prioritize your emotional healing can make all the difference in your recovery.

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