How Does Negativity Impact Our Healing?

How we respond to the world around us dictates our emotional energy and therefore how we cope with emotional challenges. Our healing depends on how well we can navigate the difficult circumstances and people we find ourselves forced to deal with. Negativity in particular can be extremely overwhelming and stressful, and when we succumb to it, it can hinder our healing. It’s very hard to focus on positive outcomes and to manifest the recovery we want for ourselves when we’re drowning in negativity.

We don’t have to be burdened by the negativity we experience around us. We can be a witness to it without letting it derail us. Staying positive and hopeful is a huge part of addiction recovery because our energy informs how we think and feel, along with everything we manifest into our realities. If we focus on negative outcomes, they are exactly what we will manifest. When we are filled with self-doubt and self-judgment, we are not in a good energetic space to bring about our healing. Pessimism, worry and anxiety all weigh us down and can negatively affect our mental and emotional health. We can only heal if we believe we can. Negativity makes us doubt ourselves and our capacity for healing. We have infinite potential for growth and transformation, but negativity acts like a road block in our journey. We have to find ways to navigate it and move around it if we want to heal. Meditation, writing, exercise and music are all extremely beneficial in diffusing negativity and converting its energy into something useful, positive and therapeutic.

Recovering successfully requires that we be fully committed to the healing process. We can’t be encumbered by the negativity around us. When we allow ourselves to be overly affected by negative things and people, it is very easy for it to permeate our health, making us angry, sad, fearful and depressed. We want to be fully dedicated to our well-being, and staying positive is a huge part of this. We can’t have our energy divided by the destructiveness of negativity. It causes us so much confusion and internal discord. We want our energy to be united, and we want as much of it as possible to go to manifesting the most positive outcomes for ourselves. Focusing on our health and well-being, visualizing a successful recovery, and meditating on positivity are all helpful in countering the negativity we will undoubtedly face in our journeys.

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