Meditation and Resilience

Our emotional difficulties, including our addictions, can make us feel totally overpowered, weakened and defenseless. We can feel completely overwhelmed and overtaken by our struggles. What if there were practices we could implement that would increase our resilience, our feelings of being able to cope with stress and bounce back from challenges? Meditation is one of these practices, and when we incorporate it into our regular routine, we notice a huge shift in how resilient we feel mentally and emotionally.

An important factor in resilience is learning how to react to challenges with calm rather than with fear. Our instinct when we’re confronted with difficulty is to respond with panic, anxiety, worry, anger and other emotions that chip away at our resolve to actually handle that difficulty productively and effectively. Staying calm lets us work through the issue at hand with more clarity and focus. Calm provides a sense of allowing, which makes room for natural resolutions, rather than resistance which keeps us mired in the problem. When we’re calm, we’re more likely to be able to connect with our intuition and receive the solutions we’re seeking. Practicing meditation is a powerfully effective way of increasing our ability to stay calm when stressed and under pressure.

The next time you feel overwhelmed, take a few moments to breathe deeply. As you’re breathing, bring your attention back to the breath any time your mind wanders. Try practicing repeating affirmations such as, “I am strong. I am resilient. I am calm. I can get through anything. I can rise and transcend.” As you’re saying these things to yourself, try to give them the power of your energy so that you are really working to believe them.

The next challenge you’re feeling stumped by, take some time to activate a feeling of calm within you. When you’re calm you can start brainstorming solutions. Not all of them will be feasible, but be open-minded about how you might be able to approach your problem. The more open we can be to the possibilities for resolution, the more we can receive guidance to help us solve our problems. Believe in yourself and your capacity for transformation. Believe you can solve any problem you find yourself up against.

Meditation teaches us to breathe before we react, to access the place of stillness and silence within us that lets us find tranquility and calm, even amidst emotional storms. When we meditate, we have more mental and emotional clarity, an important element in resilience. Give meditation a try, and when you make it a consistent practice, you’ll find yourself feeling less overwhelmed and more resilient on a regular basis.

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