Learning from Our Fears

When it comes to fear, many of us have a default reactionary response to our fears which is to run and hide from them. We’re so afraid to feel the anxiety and sadness that come with fear that we try to avoid thinking about our fears at all costs. We find ourselves being easily triggered, worried and stressed, but we don’t usually take the time to figure out why. We often don’t know that our heightened stress levels and unhealthy emotional responses are a result of our unhealed fears.

Our fears and our woundedness are often very overwhelming and confusing for us. In this state of overwhelm and confusion, our instinct is usually to continue to run from our fears, rather than to stop and face them. If we were to start confronting our fears, we would discover everything they have to teach us. Within our fears lies a great deal of information about who we are as people, what our needs are, and what we can do to heal ourselves. As soon as we open ourselves to learning from our fears rather than running from them, we empower ourselves to take better advantage of everything we’ve been through, so that we can apply our newfound wisdom to our expansion and evolution.

We’ve created a relationship with our fears that is based on denial and avoidance. At the root of that avoidance is usually fear. We’re afraid of our fear. Learning from our fear requires a level of courage that can take time to develop. We want to start encouraging ourselves to be brave, affirming our strength, and reminding ourselves that our fear can actually strengthen us when we harness its power rather than fearing it. “I am brave. I can face my fears. I am strong enough to confront my fear. I will get through this.” When we uplift, affirm and reassure ourselves, we open a gateway to our healing. We strengthen ourselves and give ourselves much needed support.

Within our fear we can find insight into ourselves as people – what drives us, what motivates us, what we allow to limit us, what we’re blinded by, what we’re fueled by. We can learn more about what we need to heal. Do we need support in facing our fears? Do we need to use meditation, creative expression, therapy, or energy healing to help us on this journey? Our fears are a huge part of who we are, and when we choose to incorporate them into our awareness rather than avoiding them, we open ourselves up to the important process of reconnecting with our true selves.

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