The Joy of Recovery

When we are in the midst of our struggles with addiction, it can be really hard to see our way out to the other side. We can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve given up hope that we will be able to recover, and we’ve lost faith in ourselves. If you’re in this place, hold on. Know that recovery is not only possible but filled with a new kind of joy that you may never have felt before.

In recovery, we learn to find emotional peace, calm and stillness within us. We learn how to handle the addictive urges and compulsions that once drove us. The need to get high, to find our next fix or hook up, is replaced with the search for self-fulfillment. We are able to focus on our goals, our dreams, the future we want to manifest for ourselves. We feel a new sense of clarity that we haven’t felt in a long time. When we’re no longer controlled by our addictions, we are free to discover who we really are, and that’s a powerfully liberating thing.

Recovery is far from easy. We’re up against all kinds of challenges. Not only are we working to abstain from our addictive behaviors and substances, we are trying to rid ourselves of our self-destructive patterns and finally facing our pain and fears head on without burying them under distractions and escapism. When we are willing to rise to these challenges, we are opening ourselves up to tremendous possibilities – to the miracles of self-love, self-acceptance and inner peace.

The joy that comes from this work is profound. We’ve battled inner turmoil, all kinds of traumatic experiences, years of painful patterns – and we’re alive to tell our stories. Recovery can fill you with self-confidence and pride. Look how far you’ve come! Recovery is not a finite point, end goal, or final destination. It is a continuous process of healing that we will always have to work at, but the freedom from our addictions feels so much better than the pain that once consumed us. Being in recovery fills us with hope to keep going.

The joy of being in recovery is perhaps brighter and deeper, more real, more powerful, because of the struggles we’ve survived. We can appreciate the light in a much more profound way once we’ve experienced darkness. There is a lot to battle when it comes to our addictions. Knowing that true joy and inner peace are on the other side can help keep you going. Don’t give up!

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