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Disclaimer: Please note that rrtampa.com strives to provide the most up to date information, but errors and policy changes do occur. Please confirm your level of coverage with your insurance provider directly. Addiction is a complex disease that is a process to treat and overcome. Often times the hardest part is making the commitment to receive help. Once you’ve done that, figuring out your treatment plan and covering the costs can leave you stressed, but you have resources to help ease this process. United Healthcare is a nationwide provider of health insurance, devoted in serving its clients.

Does United Healthcare cover Drug Detox and Rehab?

Drug and alcohol detox is an essential primary step to addressing addiction and entering into a treatment program. Withdrawal symptoms can be intense, depending on the individual and the substance dependency, and is done in a hospital setting under the care of medical professionals. United Healthcare does provide coverage for detox and rehab treatment, depending on your policy and location, benefits may vary. To simplify this process, verify your insurance policy by filling out the form below, and one of our admission counselors will contact you with the results.

What length of treatment will United Healthcare cover?

How long does treatment last? The majority of reputable rehab facilities require at minimum 28 days. The duration of your stay depends on an array of criteria; the severity of addiction, the substance, any other co-occuring disorders etc. Typically United Healthcare will cover a portion, but it is important to check with United to ensure you can receive the care you need. Rehabilitation is a lengthy process that requires patience and diligence. Be sure to take advantage of any preventative screenings and resources available to you through your United Healthcare policy.
“Like other chronic diseases, addiction can be managed successfully. Treatment enables people to counteract addiction’s powerful disruptive effects on the brain and behavior and to regain control of their lives.”
National Institute on Drug Abuse

United Healthcare coverage of specialty programs

No one person has the same needs and requirements when it comes to solving their addictions. Mental health disorders associated with addiction can mean the difference between the best option most targeted to fit the needs of the individual. Behavioral health services are included in most of the insurance policies, especially the HMO plans. OptumHealth Behavioral Solutions provide these programs. OptumHealth Behavioral Solutions usually covers confidential support for mental health issues. Most programs allow a person to seek therapy in an in-network facility that complies with the standards stated in the plan. However, the specific coverage will vary.

United Healthcare coverage of Inpatient and Outpatient treatment

United Healthcare offers coverage for both inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment. Your exact benefits may vary on your policy and the state in which you reside. Most of United Healthcare plans offer coverage for a percentage of inpatient and outpatient services. UnitedHealthcare website offers you full details on what is and what is not included in your policy.

What if United does not cover all of my treatment?

The costs of rehab can be daunting, but there is no need to be discouraged. Together with your insurance provider and selected facility, there is a way to cover the expense. Riverside Recovery offers a private pay option. What if you don’t want to use your insurance? Well, we can help there as well. Simply contact our admissions department at 1 (800) 871-5440 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can discuss your private pay options.

Verify Your Florida United Approved Plan With Our Professionals

Now that you know that UnitedHealth insurance may help you pay for your stay, you need to make a step to pick the right addiction treatment program. In Riverside Recovery, alcohol and substance dependence treatment is enabled by an excellent team of addiction specialists. Why is treatment in Riverside Recovery such a great option? Contact us today and start your journey to recovery and a better life.


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