Identifying Our Motivations for Sobriety

A major factor in why so many of us struggle with our sobriety is our inability to solidify and clarify within ourselves the specific reasons behind why we need to get sober, the motivating forces behind why we want to get well in the first place. We know our lives have become unmanageable and that we can no longer sustain them. We know that we’re tired of suffering and hurting other people, but we often aren’t mindful of all the other specific reasons behind why our sobriety is so important to us. We each have unique experiences with addiction, and our reasons for wanting to get sober will be unique to us. We might have specific responsibilities we feel we haven’t been taking care of. We might be struggling with severe mental health issues, and we want to get sober because we know we have a lot of healing to do. We might have grown tired of feeling unfulfilled in our lives, and we want to manifest a life we can be proud of. When we’re most committed to our sobriety, it’s often because we’re constantly keeping ourselves mindful of all the motivating factors behind our recovery. When we aren’t doing this, it can be so easy to forget our motivation, our very important “why,” amidst all of the challenges we’re facing, all of the tumultuous situations we’re dealing with, all of the complicated emotions we’re feeling. We can lose sight of why our recovery is so important to us. We can lose sight of who we are and why we’re committed to our recovery. 

Let’s take time to remind ourselves, or to identify for the first time, what our reasons for wanting to get sober actually are. When you think of needing to get sober, what first comes to mind? Are there particular family members you feel you’re letting down? Are there certain expectations you feel you haven’t been meeting? Do you feel you’ve never gotten to really know yourself or had a clear sense of purpose and direction? Do you feel as though you’ve never had the chance to heal from your traumatic childhood? When we take the time to get clear within ourselves, there are usually some very specific reasons that stand out to us as to why we are working towards sobriety in the first place. We’re often so full of confusion and turmoil that we haven’t been able to find clarity within ourselves. Let’s use meditation, writing, therapy and energy healing to find the stillness and peace within ourselves so that we can reconnect with our motivation for recovery. When we skip this crucial part of the recovery process, we impede our progress and hurt our chances of actually being able to heal.

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