Seeing Things from Our Higher Power’s Perspective

One of the ways we can approach our mental and emotional healing is to try to replace our ego-based thinking with the perspective our higher power might see us with. When we are facing difficult challenges, we can ask ourselves how would my spirit view this? What would my higher power say about this? In this way, we’re developing a mentality with more compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, understanding and love.

When we judge ourselves and others, we often are coming from a place of fear – fear of inadequacy, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection. If we were to shed our fear, we would view ourselves and each other with so much more love, because we would have nothing to lose, nothing to fear, and nothing at stake. We would be able to be who we are, accept and embrace ourselves with self-love and each other with compassion.

Our fears cause us to think in closed-hearted ways. We deny ourselves our love. We reject parts of ourselves, and we reject each other. We’re constantly seeking validation, trying to prove ourselves and one-up other people to make ourselves feel better. What if we decided that all of the ways we usually seek validation are made up of illusions? They have nothing to do with our spirit, with our purpose for being here, with all the things that make us beautiful and unique.

If we could imagine how our higher power views us, we might see ourselves as manifestations of that higher power, as evidence of its creation. We are the possibility for its fulfillment – we can be its representations while on this earth, as human beings – representations of love, creation, power, miracles. Our higher power wants us to love ourselves, to view ourselves with compassion and acceptance. Our inner power and strength are direct reflections of our higher power. To hate ourselves is to essentially disconnect from source. No wonder we become so depressed and destabilized when we aren’t self-loving and self-protective, when our addictive and self-destructive patterns have gotten the better of us.

Turn to your inner child, who is wounded and grieving, and give her all the love your higher power feels for you. Hold her and tell her she is forgiven, she is loved, she is worthy, she is beautiful, she is perfect.

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