Healing from Trauma

One of the core elements of our recovery process is working to heal from the traumatic experiences we’ve endured in our lives. Our addiction and mental health issues are traumatic in and of themselves, so we’re often attempting to heal from multiple events and issues. This process can be an overwhelming and daunting one, but it is very much possible for us to heal. Trauma healing is one of the most important elements of our recovery for us to focus on, and there are some key things we can keep in mind in order to help us.

Enlisting support is hugely important for our trauma healing. We benefit greatly when we work with therapists who have significant experience working with issues similar to ours. We don’t need to feel as though we have all the answers. We’re meant to work through our issues and problems, and to discover solutions in the process of analysis and self-reflection. We find the answers once we begin to explore ourselves on a deeper level. Very often we’re attempting to find a quick fix. We look for answers by superficially thinking about our issues but without exploring thoroughly and profoundly. When we have professional support, we receive the guidance that can help us discover hidden parts of ourselves and reach the answers we’ve been looking for.

Remind yourself that your trauma is not your fault. We often get caught in cycles of self-blame and self-deprecation. We take on the weight of our trauma as evidence that we were to blame. We internalize our trauma to mean we are unworthy of love and forgiveness. Give yourself the gift of your own compassion and understanding. Work to mentally and emotionally nurture rather than attack yourself. When we perpetuate our thought patterns of belittling and disparaging ourselves, we keep ourselves stuck. We limit our ability to learn from our mistakes and move forward. We stunt our growth. See this process as a journey in self-forgiveness and self-acceptance. View your mistakes as inevitable parts of your evolution. Gather up all the pieces of wisdom coming to you in the form of lessons and challenges. Our trauma has so much to teach us when we open ourselves to it.

At Riverside Recovery, we work with you to tailor an individualized treatment plan specifically to your needs. We also offer a specialized trauma program to help you heal and learn healthy coping skills. Call (800) 871-5440 for more information.