Healing our Inner Demons

The term “inner demons” refers to the issues and worries in our lives, the troubling and distressing thoughts we find ourselves most plagued by. Our inner demons often cause a tremendous amount of anxiety and stress. Sometimes we obsess about them and experience recurring thoughts that we feel consumed by. Our thought patterns can become addictive just as our behaviors can, and they are usually a result of unresolved fears lurking in our subconscious minds. Healing our inner demons, these troublesome thought patterns, means healing our deeply rooted fears and reprogramming our minds to create new thought patterns.

When we start to pay closer attention to the voices of our inner demons, we realize that they are feeding off of our fears and the fear-based illusions produced by our wounded ego. Some of our most common fears are that we are inadequate, that we are unworthy of love, that we are doomed to suffer alone. If we analyze our fears, we start to see that they’re not based in truth. They are based on the limiting beliefs we’ve adopted and on our low self-esteem. The different ways in which we reject ourselves emerge as a poor sense of self. We believe what our inner demons tell us.

Our inner demons are a manifestation of all the emotional information stored in our subconscious minds. Our fears, memories of traumatic experiences, our most painful emotions are all compounded after years of repetition, making our troubling thoughts our default thought patterns. Sometimes our inner demons drown out our rational thinking. Sometimes we’re totally consumed by them and they become an obsession or thought addiction. We struggle to think positively, and depression is common for us.

In order to heal these demons, we have to reprogram our subconscious mind to be self-loving. The subconscious responds well to repetition. This is the reason why repeating affirmations, which can seem so simple, is actually quite powerful. With time and repetition, we’re creating new, healthier thought patterns for our minds to follow, rather than the default, negative ones they grew accustomed to. We can redirect our thoughts to bolster our of self-worth and silence our inner demons.

Here are some affirmations to deal specifically with inner demons:

My mind is totally healed.

My mind is self-loving.

I accept myself.

I love myself.

I am on my side.

I am my own best friend.

I believe in myself.

An important element of addiction recovery is learning to heal our toxic thought patterns. At Riverside Recovery, our treatment programs include multiple kinds of therapy, daily recovery meetings and mindfulness education to help you learn how to work with your mind. Call (800) 871-5440 today.