How Having A Support System Can Help Our Recovery

Working to recover is one of the hardest challenges we’ll undertake in our lives, and there are certain things we can do for ourselves to lessen our load. One of those things is making sure we have a support system to help us through the recovery process. Having people to support us can make all the difference when we’re trying to heal from our addictions and mental health issues. We’ve been carrying heavy burdens from our struggles with depression, anxiety and addiction, and very often we’ve been doing so alone. We might not have loved ones who can be there for us. We may have isolated ourselves out of fear of being judged or shunned. We may have separated ourselves, and even ended relationships, in an effort to maintain our lifestyles of addiction. When we’re ready to get better, one of our first priorities should be building a support system around us, to help us cope with the challenges ahead.

During our recovery, we will be confronted with very difficult emotions that will be hard for us to process. They are emotions we’ve been managing to suppress for much of our lives. When we’re ready to really come to terms with ourselves and our addictions, we’ll have to face our emotions head on, something many of us are learning to do for the very first time. This is a critical time when having a support system can make all the difference. We can create a support system, if we don’t already have one, out of the friends we meet in recovery, fellow recovering addicts, our sponsors, therapists, recovery coaches, mentors, spiritual guides, and treatment staff. Many of us have family and friends who want to be there for us, who’ve been waiting for us to be ready to get better, and who’ve been hoping we would reach out to them for support.

People who are there to support us can help encourage us when we’re feeling down on ourselves. They can uplift, motivate and encourage us when we’re feeling hopeless and defeated. Having positive reinforcement can help remind us why we’re working so hard to recover, and the additional support can help us offset our chances of relapsing. Feeling understood, loved and supported helps us develop the strength and resilience we need to finally get better.

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