Forging a Connection with Our Higher Power

Many recovery programs stress the importance of developing a relationship with our higher power, knowing this power, connecting with it and recognizing its existence within us. They view a religious or spiritual practice as being an important part of the recovery process. Many of us don’t already feel connected to a higher power, and we don’t know how to go about forging a relationship with one when we’re not even sure what it is or what it means to us.

Many of us feel that we ourselves are human manifestations of our higher power. If you are feeling called to connect with a higher power but are struggling with how to create that connection, take a minute to reflect on the amazing power that is within you. You have the incredible ability to see, to hear, to experience, to create, to love and be loved. As a human being, you’re able to create new life and bring it forth into the world. Our creative, lifegiving and manifesting capabilities are a direct reflection of this higher power. We are essentially human derivations of this power.

Some of us might wonder how we can connect with something that we can’t see, that we can’t prove. This is where faith comes in. When we believe in something, that’s when it becomes real to us. We can’t necessarily see the power of love, but we believe in it. The same is true with a higher power. We can see how our higher power is working, all of the blessings it is bringing into our lives, all the miracles it is creating every day, without having to see it with our seeing eyes. Our spirit can feel it, sense it and connect with it. We are receiving the love of our higher power at all times, and we feel it and believe it when we are truly open to it.

Having a relationship with our higher power can benefit us in countless ways. We can lean on it for strength whenever we’re feeling down, disheartened, or defeated. We can allow it to empower us to keep pushing forward. We can allow ourselves to feel led, guided, nurtured, protected and supported by it. Focusing on our connection with our higher power can help us to feel less alone, less isolated, less weak and vulnerable. We feel strengthened and affirmed through our connection. We gain hope, positivity and faith by opening ourselves up to this connection. When we pray, we feel comforted. Sometimes we feel we’re receiving direct guidance that sometimes feels like intuition or the voice of our higher power, or both.

If we as creatures on this earth are direct manifestations of our higher power, that means we carry its power within us, and there isn’t anything we can’t do or accomplish or bring forth. We have the power to create miracles in our lives, to help and serve others, and to make our dreams come true. The connection we develop with our higher power can be one of our greatest spiritual tools in our recovery work.

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