How Can I Find my Joy?

Joy is an energy source within us that we can tap into at any time. Joy is what makes our souls come alive and our hearts sing! Joy is different from happiness in that it is not based on our current circumstances. We can find a joy that is unconditional and then access it regardless of the temporary conditions we find ourselves in. Joy is not dependent upon everything going perfectly in our lives, and when we’re struggling with addictions, depression and other mental health issues, things are often far from perfect. How can we find our joy amidst everything we’re going through?

The answers lie in going within. When we are in emotional pain, we often look for relief in things outside of ourselves. We try to numb ourselves with our drugs of choice. We try to escape with our addictive behaviors. The way to find our own inner joy is to stop looking outside of ourselves and to go within instead. Meditation is a beautiful way to find quiet and stillness within ourselves, to hear what our inner voices are trying to tell us, to give ourselves the time and space for reflection. Meditative practices you can try are deep breathing, walking meditation, and journaling, all of which can help us to calm ourselves and to neutralize the noise and clutter of our overactive minds.

As we find more quiet within us, let’s ask ourselves questions to help us find our joy.

What makes me happy?

What provides me with genuine happiness, rather than a temporary escape?

What do I enjoy doing that feeds my soul?

What makes me feel truly good about myself?

What makes me feel fulfilled?

What are healthy ways of coping with life’s challenges rather than relying on self-destructive coping mechanisms?

The answers might not come to you right away. It might take time to discover what brings you joy. Many of us have buried the things we love underneath years of pain, but the more we give our energy to finding what brings us genuine joy and to implementing those things in our lives, the stronger we become emotionally, and the better equipped we are to handle the inevitable challenges of life. Maybe you have a creative spirit and love to write or make music. Maybe you love to read or spend time in nature. Follow your joy, and it will help you in your recovery.

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