How is Family Involvement Beneficial to our Recovery?

At Riverside Recovery, we know how important family involvement is to the success of your recovery. To this end, we offer weekly family therapy sessions as well as monthly family workshops. Our goal is to help educate families on the nature of addiction and on ways in which they can help their loved ones, as well as to help them process some of the issues that have contributed to the family’s difficulties and to the addiction itself. How is family involvement so helpful to our recovery?

When we are working towards recovery, we’re addressing some deeply rooted issues that affect not only us but our entire families as well. In order to heal ourselves, we have to start looking at the family patterns, the issues we share, our conflicts, and the traumatic experiences that affected the whole family. When the family is involved in our recovery process, we can all be doing this important emotional work together. We’re more likely to resolve the lingering issues with our families, issues that caused us stress, sadness and anger, and which may have contributed to the development of our addiction.

Being involved in our recovery process allows family members to look at the roles they have played in our lives. Maybe they’ve enabled our addiction. Maybe they struggle with addiction themselves, and our patterns have been fueling each other’s. Our recovery work encourages our loved ones to start doing the same self-reflection and inner emotional work that we’ve been doing. Beginning our recovery process can help us to start to address addiction in the family as a whole, since we are all affected by it, and since multiple family members are often struggling with addiction simultaneously. Sometimes our family members being involved in our recovery is the wake-up call they needed to confront their own addictive behaviors.

Reintegrating back into our regular lives, with our homes, families and daily routines, can be extremely challenging. When our family has joined in our experience, they are much more aware of some of the difficulties, emotional hurdles and logistical components that go into our reintegration process. Having experienced the recovery process alongside you, they’re more likely to be able to give you the support you need to help you reintegrate smoothly and successfully. Attending family therapy and workshops can empower them to be effective sources of support for you.

Riverside Recovery has a great deal of experience helping families be involved in their loved ones’ recovery process. Support and fellowship are core values in our treatment programs. Call us today at (800) 871-5440 for more information.