How Can I Face My Fear of Getting Help?

Many of us share the fear of reaching out for help in our recovery. When we are still caught in the cycles of our addictions, we often aren’t ready to take the steps needed to stop those cycles. We’re afraid of the withdrawal symptoms, the painful emotions of losing the substance or person we’re attached to and dependent upon. We’re afraid of asking for help and being judged and rejected. How can we face our fears and get the help we know we need?

We have the strength within us to face our fears, but we often don’t feel like we do, so in order to tap into that strength, we have to address the beliefs we have about ourselves and our fears. We have many limiting beliefs about our ability to handle challenges and overcome fears. We believe our addictions make us weak people. We believe we are victims to our addictions and depression. We’re afraid of feeling the weight of our pain and fear because it overwhelms us and feels unbearable.

In looking at our fears, we see that it is our thoughts about our fears that are causing us so much distress. We often think our thoughts are set in stone, that they are permanent parts of who we are, but our thoughts are changeable. We can change our thought patterns by directing our energy towards creating new thought patterns.

Let’s change how we communicate with ourselves about our fear by transforming our self-talk. Let’s encourage ourselves to access our inner strength. We can change our limiting beliefs by replacing them with new empowering beliefs about ourselves and our ability to face our fears.

Writing and repeating affirmations, and listening to them as a form of self-hypnosis, can be a powerful way of reprogramming our subconscious minds which direct the majority of our thoughts. Use affirmations that you feel give you strength and courage to face your fears. Here are some suggestions:

I am brave. I am fearless. I am strong. I am going within. I am tapping into my inner power. I am a manifestation of my higher power, which gives me all the strength I need.

Once you feel stronger and better able to face your fears, you might find that making the crucial decision to reach out for help feels easier. You can do it!

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