Examining Our Life Patterns

When we look at our lives closely and examine our issues honestly, we start to see that we have life patterns that are repeating themselves almost as if on autopilot, by default, without our even being conscious of them. Our issues tend to be recurring and constitute repeating patterns that we often feel powerless to stop. These patterns have a way of continuing until we’ve learned everything we’re meant to learn from them.

Many of us who struggle with alcoholism and substance abuse find ourselves in the same troublesome situations every time we use. We end up doing things we regret. We embarrass ourselves. We disappoint ourselves and the people who care about us. Our patterns repeat themselves, we get knocked down and pick ourselves up again, only to continue the same patterns. We have to look deeper. It’s not just the alcohol or the drugs that are the problem. What issues within us are causing us to use so heavily in the first place? What unhappiness within us makes us feel so desperate to escape ourselves? What are we running from? What pain are we trying to hide? Our life patterns will continue until we’ve asked ourselves these important questions and done the work to answer them.

Let’s use our relationships as another example. Many of us struggling with addiction also find ourselves in deeply unhealthy relationships, often with other addicts. When we hate ourselves so much that we stay in abusive relationships, our patterns have a way of getting worse until we finally absorb what they are there to teach us. Our relationships become more volatile. We experience worsened violence. Our sense of self deteriorates. We become even more insecure and self-deprecating. We fall into serious depression. We will often pull ourselves out of this kind of scenario only to find ourselves back in the same kind of relationship, with another person who exhibits similar qualities. We perpetuate the same patterns, not learning the lessons our patterns were meant to teach us.

Our patterns hold valuable information and life lessons for us when we’re brave enough to really look at them. What issues in your life are recurring? What patterns can you make out that keep continuing? What kinds of behaviors, thought patterns, emotional responses and relationships have become habitual for you? What can you learn about yourself from each of these things? What are they trying to tell you about what you need to do, in order to become a healthier, happier version of yourself? Examining our life patterns is a huge part of self-discovery and growth. The more conscious energy we put into learning from our patterns, the more we can get out of the process, and the better our chances for recovery.

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