The Importance of Enlisting Professional Intervention Services

When our loved ones are struggling with the pain of addiction, we want nothing more than to ease their pain and put an end to their constant suffering. We want them to get help, we want them to be happy, and we often feel a sense of urgency about getting them to a healthier place in their lives. We might feel inclined to rush the process, and we’re understandably feeling totally overwhelmed, confused and anxious about the whole thing. When we’re in this place, we’re tempted to hold an intervention on our own. We assume that because we know our loved one better than anyone else does that we’ll be able to give them the support they need. When it comes to holding an intervention, however, and convincing our loved ones to get the treatment they need, it can be extremely beneficial to enlist the help of professional intervention services.

Interventions can be complex and difficult. We’re dealing with our loved ones who are still in the grips of addiction, who may still be inebriated and impaired. They’re not thinking clearly. They’re not listening to logic. They’re fighting us at every turn. They’re resisting our pleas. An intervention specialist is prepared to handle all of these challenges and has the experience and expertise to deal with many of the things we aren’t equipped to. They have intervened on behalf of countless other addicts and their families and have the necessary tools to deal with these precarious situations. When exchanges with our loved ones become contentious, or we’re experiencing a great deal of conflict, sometimes we end up pushing our loved ones too much, and it can have the adverse effect of their resisting treatment and deciding against it. A professional intervention can provide a structured and balanced approach needed to calm the situation and achieve the desired outcome. 

Sometimes our loved ones need to hear the truth from someone they don’t know, from someone who is unbiased and further removed from the intimate nature of the situation. Very often our loved ones feel judged by us, either because we’ve been trying for so long to convince them to get the help that they interpret our worry as judgment, or because we understandably can’t help but judge their actions because they’ve been so harmful. An intervention specialist is trained to counsel without judgment, and our loved ones can benefit from their neutrality.

We want our loved ones to be as supported as possible, and sometimes we simply can’t provide them with the help they need. We’re doing them, and ourselves, a tremendous service by giving them the gift of professional intervention.

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