Conscious Enlightenment and Recovery

Exploring some of the deep energetic possibilities that exist after we embrace sobriety. When we raise our consciousness, get to know ourselves and the universe, and remain open, the possibilities are endless. 

The farther into our healing journey we go, the more we realize that recovery opens us up to deep and meaningful self-exploration that not only helps us to stay sober but also helps us on our quest toward conscious enlightenment. Many of us felt empty, alone, and isolated for years. We felt unstable, ungrounded, and uncentered. We were self-hating and insecure. We didn’t know our purpose and we yearned to feel fulfilled in life. As we heal and grow, we learn that one of the many answers to these difficult feelings is reconnecting – with self, community, the planet, and our higher power. We feel compelled to connect to the collective consciousness, the vastness of all our thoughts, feelings, lessons, and spiritual tests and explorations. We want to learn more about human nature. We want to feel connected to people again and find our kindred spirits. We want to learn more about ourselves. We want to shed these painful feelings of disconnection, hopelessness, and isolation that have been eating away at our souls for so long.

Part of our recovery work can entail holistic healing methods, and one of the most important things we learn is the importance of energy. We are made up of energy and connected energetically to everything else we come in contact with, or even think about. We’re connected to our ancestors and descendants. We’re connected to the moon and stars. We’re connected to a higher power that guides and protects us. We can learn how to raise our frequency, to vibrate higher, to match ourselves energetically to the things we want in life. We can align ourselves with recovery, self-love, and healing.   

At first, these principles might feel confusing for us. As we continue to explore and learn more about consciousness and energy, conscious enlightenment can be part of our recovery journey. Sobriety can feel insignificant if we have nothing else to strive for. We can feel proud of ourselves for getting sober, but then what? What deeper meaning have we yet to find in our lives? What soulmates, friends, and partners have we yet to attract? What dreams are we meant to make come true for ourselves? What is our purpose on this planet, why are we here, and how can we contribute in positive and meaningful ways? How can we serve others? How can we find fulfillment and peace?

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