Connection as a Remedy for Addiction

There are many tools to help us in our recovery from addiction, and one of the most powerful ones we can access is that of connection. We very often feel disconnected from other people and from our higher power, making us feel even more alone. How can we develop a sense of connection, and how can this help us in our recovery?

When we become dependent upon unhealthy substances and behaviors, we have chosen toxic coping mechanisms rather than healthy ones. Connecting to other people is one of the best ways to help ourselves cope with life’s challenges and with the difficulties of addiction, in healthy ways. Many of us have a tendency to withdraw from our families and friend groups. We stop attending events, we isolate ourselves, and we lose our sense of community. We are meant to be in partnership and community with other people. It strengthens and empowers us. It reminds us we’re not alone. It helps us navigate our difficulties and offers us wisdom, guidance, comfort and solace. Our addictions bring up some of the most difficult challenges we’ll ever face in our lives. Our connection to other people can be a saving grace and powerful lifeline. Try to reestablish your connection to other people. Call that friend back who’s been worried about you. Push yourself to visit a family member. Get involved in a support group. Volunteer at a local organization. When we can encourage ourselves to reconnect with other people, even a little at a time, it can be a powerful remedy for our addictions.

Connecting with our higher power is something many of us do instinctively through prayer, meditation or communication in other devotional ways. When we are struggling with our addictions, however, many of us lose this connection. Some of us never felt that connection and struggle to find it. Try to identify a power bigger than you, bigger than human life. Connect with that energy and trust that it is guiding and protecting you with unconditional love. When we connect with our higher power, we have a renewed sense of faith, in ourselves, in life, in our ability to heal.

Connecting with other people and with our higher power are two powerful ways to find strength and healing in our recovery.

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