Connecting with Our Inner Selves for Recovery

When we are embroiled in our addictions, we very often lose our connection to our inner selves. We lose our sense of identity, purpose and direction in life. We forget who we are. Recovering from our addictions and mental health issues is largely about reconnecting with our inner selves for true healing.

To reconnect with ourselves, we have to go beyond the noise of our thinking minds. Our thoughts can be overwhelming and confusing, and they cause much of our emotional distress. We create our identities around these thoughts, but they aren’t the whole truth of who we are. We are also our hearts, souls and spirits. To access the healing power and wisdom of our inner selves, we can go deeper than our thoughts. Meditation helps us to still the turbulence of our minds and soften the harshness of our thoughts. We can meditate by focusing on our breathing, by concentrating on a single point such as a candleflame, repeating mantras and affirmations, and practicing visualizations. Being in nature is also a therapeutic way of calming our minds.

Underneath the clutter of our minds is our inner power. This power reflects the truth of who we are – spiritual beings of love and light who are often struggling with the challenges that come with human life. When we can reconnect with that truth, we can see that our addictive behaviors are symptoms of our disconnection from ourselves. We develop the belief that we need something or someone outside of ourselves to be happy. We use drugs and relationships as ways to feel better about ourselves and bolster our confidence. Reconnecting with our inner selves reminds us that everything we need is within us. Our inner light provides us with all the strength we need. We dim our own light with our self-destructive behaviors and thought patterns, but reconnecting with this light can bring back our inner power.

Start trying to communicate with your inner self. Ask it what you need and listen for the answers. We strengthen our intuition the more we listen to it and then heed its direction. Our inner voice can see beyond all the mental distractions and can point us in the right direction for our healing. Connecting with our inner voice is how we reconnect to our truth.

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