Choosing Sobriety

Living with addiction, we make certain choices repeatedly. We choose to keep using. We choose to prioritize our addictions over our lives, our families and our well-being. We choose not to get help. We choose not to admit we have a problem. We choose to hide in denial and secrecy. When we finally make the choice to get sober, we’re consciously choosing another set of choices.

In choosing sobriety, we’re choosing our own health and wellness. We’re finally prioritizing our peace of mind and tranquility. We realize how crucial it is to be whole and well if we’re to live lives we can be at peace with. We choose freedom. We choose clarity. We choose light. Our choice can feel daunting, but it is also full of hope and promise. We start to see all the possibilities available to us. We start to think about what we might be capable of when we’re not burdened by the weight of our unhealthy dependence.

Choosing recovery means we’re finally choosing ourselves. We’re consciously prioritizing ourselves, our lives and our loved ones. We’re making the choice to put hard work before the comfort, familiarity and ease of our addictive behaviors. We’re choosing to push ourselves out of our comfort zones, to embrace the uncertainty of the unknown. We’re choosing to test ourselves to see if we can make the necessary changes for our well-being.

When we choose sobriety, we make the definitive choice that we won’t let denial and shame overpower us anymore. We choose to admit we have a problem. We choose to disclose our addiction to other people. We choose to reach out for help. These are important steps in the process of our self-fulfillment. We are coming to terms with ourselves and not hiding parts of ourselves from our own consciousness or from the world. We’re finally embracing all of who we are, even the parts of us that have caused us shame and regret. We’re choosing to show ourselves compassion. We’re choosing to understand and accept ourselves, rather than shunning and rejecting who we are. We’re choosing to set out on the journey towards unconditional self-love, rather than remaining stuck in the self-hatred and self-rejection of addiction.

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