Choosing Clarity

Recovering from our addictions and mental health issues involves making important decisions about our wellbeing. It involves deciding that we are worth leaving behind the things causing us pain. It means deciding that we want inner peace. When we are ready to make these decisions, it is often because we have been languishing in confusion, overwhelm and distress for so long that we are craving the simplicity and quiet of clarity.

Inner clarity is a powerful force that can guide and protect us, that can strengthen our intuition and our ability to follow it, that can nurture and support us. When we are in the midst of our addictions and depression, we often don’t have clarity on much of anything. We’re not clear on who we are, what we want, or where we’re headed. We’re caught up in relationships that add to our intense confusion and despair. The substances we use make us foggy and unclear. The cycles we’re in keep us trapped by confusion. It’s very hard to take steps toward recovery when we’re drowning in confusion. We don’t know how to prioritize self-care. We’re much too unclear to set intentions for ourselves or to make goals for our healing.

When we’ve had enough of trying to wade through the fog, we make the choice that we want to prioritize clarity, and we’ll do whatever it takes to attain it. We no longer want to stay in the relationships that cause us angst and turmoil. We would rather be alone and feel clear than stay engaged in toxicity. We no longer want to drink or use drugs or engage in any of the behaviors that made us feel so unclear and misguided, that took us away from our authentic selves. We want to be free and happy.

Choosing clarity means getting quiet within ourselves. Meditation, journaling, being in nature, and expressing ourselves creatively are all wonderful ways of separating our true voices from the noise of everything else we’ve piled on top of them. You might find it helpful to repeat calming affirmations that help you to find clarity. “I am finding my true voice. I am creating clarity within myself. I am grateful for clarity. I am getting clear on who I am and what I want in life.”

As we prioritize clarity, we find it easier to follow our intuition and to make progress towards healing. As we become clearer, we find ourselves feeling more like our true selves than we might have in a long time.

Choosing to prioritize clarity is an important step in recovery. Call (800) 871-5440 for information on our treatment programs.