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How Can I Stop Feeling So Disappointed in Myself?

One of our most persistent emotions when struggling with addiction is the disappointment we feel in ourselves. We’ve relapsed after working so hard to get sober. We’ve let down our friends and family. We’ve hurt the people we care about, we might be having a hard time making amends, and we’ve accumulated a long listRead More

What Our Obsessive Thoughts Have to Teach Us

Obsessive thoughts are painful and consuming. However, if we tune into what they’re truly trying to say, we stand to learn a lot about ourselves and our addictions.  Many of us with addiction and mental illness struggle with obsessive thinking, and it can be debilitating and painful, to say the least. We might obsess endlesslyRead More

How Exercise Can Help Us in Recovery 

As we’re working towards sobriety, there are many things we can use to cope with all of the different challenges that arise. Exercise is one of the most therapeutic and beneficial among them. Our struggles with addiction cause us to neglect our physical health, along with our mental and emotional health, and exercise is aRead More

 What Can We Learn From Our Mistakes? 

We tend to associate our mistakes with all of the shame, regret, and remorse we felt when we first committed them, the same emotions we can’t seem to let go of after years of trying, unsuccessfully, to forgive ourselves. We think of our mistakes as evidence of our failures and as defects in our moralRead More

Pain Management and Addiction 

Many of us struggling with addiction find ourselves needing to seek out prescribed pain management after an injury or accident, and specific challenges arise because our prescribers want to avoid our developing a dependence on a new substance, one that is originally prescribed for pain but that we might still end up abusing. There areRead More