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Redirecting the Thought Patterns of Depression

As complicated as depression can be, for many of us it can all come down to the ways in which we think. The thought patterns we’re unconsciously repeating become our limiting beliefs. Some common thought patterns with depression include self-judgment, feelings of insecurity and inadequacy, and self-rejection. We develop limiting beliefs telling us that weRead More

Why Do I Keep Attracting Unhealthy Relationships?

We manifest our outer world, the things we see in our realities, our circumstances, our health and relationships, from what’s going on in our inner world. Our thoughts, emotions and beliefs are so powerful that they bring about what we experience in our lives. When we have unhealthy relationships, it is often because internally weRead More

Meditation and Resilience

Our emotional difficulties, including our addictions, can make us feel totally overpowered, weakened and defenseless. We can feel completely overwhelmed and overtaken by our struggles. What if there were practices we could implement that would increase our resilience, our feelings of being able to cope with stress and bounce back from challenges? Meditation is oneRead More

Why Am I Haunted by the Past?

Many of us have a very hard time moving on from our pasts. We feel haunted by past traumas, relationships and incidents. Some of us are consumed by the past and feel obsessed about it. We wish we could live our lives again and change things for the better. Why are we haunted by ourRead More

The Importance of Enjoyment in Recovery

Because addiction is such a devastating and debilitating illness, we tend to think of recovery as a very serious undertaking. While it is a very significant endeavor in our lives, incorporating enjoyment into the process is just as important as any of the serious elements involved. In addition to the therapy and deep emotional work,Read More

Emotional Attachment to Fear and Pain

Because our difficult emotions are so hard to handle, we would think we wouldn’t want to stay so closely attached to them, but for many of us, we develop a strong attachment to our fear and pain. We cling to them, afraid to release them. Our attachment is so strong that we don’t allow theRead More

Healing from Burnout

When we’ve experienced burnout, total exhaustion and a dangerous decline in our overall health, it is so important that we take the steps to heal ourselves. Burnout makes us more susceptible to substance abuse, dependency and relapse. We can’t tackle our addiction recovery when we’re not at our best and strongest. Here are some thingsRead More

How Can Mindfulness Help Me?

Establishing a foundation of emotional mindfulness can be a major deterrent from the self-destructive and addictive cycles that so many of us fall into. We can practice emotional mindfulness in our daily lives, and the more we incorporate it into our regular routine, the more we can benefit from it. Developing our emotional intelligence andRead More

Reconnecting with Our Inner Voice

The self-destructive cycles of our addiction can cause us to lose our connection to our inner voice. We can start to feel our inner strength waning as a result. Our inner voice can be confused for the voice of our inner demons, the crippling and destructive manifestations of our fears and unhealed emotions. We canRead More