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Remembering Our Well-Being 

As the loved ones of people struggling with addiction and mental illness, we often fall into patterns of neglecting our own well-being for the sake of theirs. We seem to think that by constantly worrying about our loved ones, by devoting all our time and energy to their care, and by taking on their recoveryRead More

Protecting Ourselves from Toxicity

Our struggles with addiction and mental health issues can bring us face to face with all kinds of challenging circumstances full of turmoil, conflict and toxicity. We manifest relationships, often with other addicts, that are unstable and full of insecurity, misunderstanding and miscommunication. We’re dealing with so much internal mental and emotional difficulty that weRead More

What Can Our Codependent Relationships Teach Us About Ourselves? 

Our relationships have a great deal to teach us, particularly the ones that are unhealthy, because within them, we’re confronted with unresolved issues and unhealed pain in direct and irrefutable ways. Our conflicts, misunderstandings and relationship problems all stand to teach us a tremendous amount about ourselves, about who we are as people, who weRead More

The Importance of Learning Healthy Communication Skills

One thing many of us struggling with addiction have in common is that we have a very hard time in relationships because of our lacking communication skills. We find it impossible to resolve conflicts amicably. Our interpersonal interactions are full of turmoil and misunderstanding. We struggle to find our voice and to speak our truth.Read More

How Can We Protect Our Energy?

We often find that our energy is being attacked from all sides, by all of the depressing things going on in the world, by the conflicts we’re dealing with in our personal lives, even by ourselves with our self-deprecation and self-destructiveness. We aren’t self-protective, self-supportive or self-nurturing. We allow our energy to be exposed andRead More

Getting Back to the Life We Love

Our addictions and mental health issues can cause us to totally lose sight of ourselves, our direction in life, our purpose, and our values. We become disconnected and misaligned. We neglect our health, our safety and our well-being; our work, our obligations, and our families. We forget what’s most important to us. We essentially abandonRead More

Living with Integrity

Our struggles with addiction can cause us to totally lose sight of our values, our principles, our self-worth and our sense of self. We lose our conviction to live a life of purpose and integrity. We don’t feel clear within ourselves, at peace or aligned. We make the important choice as we’re healing to recoverRead More

Our Altered Brain Chemistry on Drugs

One of the hardest parts of living with addiction is trying to wrap our brains around why we would continue to self-destruct, essentially ruining our lives, even after we’ve experienced such painful consequences. We’ve already hurt ourselves many times over. Why would we continuously return to drugs, knowing how harmful they are? Aside from ourRead More

Using Drugs: A False Sense of Happiness

For those of us struggling with addiction, we aren’t usually aware of how our brains are impacted by the drugs we’re using. Our addictions can create a great deal of confusion and misunderstanding for our loved ones who are forced to watch us grapple with substance abuse problems. They don’t understand why we would everRead More

How Can We Create Lifestyles Conducive to Healing?

As we’re working to recover, one of the most important things we’ll need to address is the kind of lifestyles we’ve created for ourselves that have been contributing to our addictions and mental health issues. We make choices, both small daily choices and huge life decisions, that perpetuate our addictions and our overall lack ofRead More