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How Can We Take a Moral Inventory of Ourselves?

Addiction recovery programs such as the Twelve Step programs encourage us to take moral inventory of ourselves and our lives as part of our healing. The thought of this can be daunting and overwhelming for us, so much so that we can feel it’s impossible. We’ve been resisting this process for much of our livesRead More

Why is Communication So Hard for Us?

Our struggles with addiction and mental health issues can have a profound impact on our close interpersonal relationships, and specifically on our communication within those important relationships. We have a hard time expressing our feelings, our thoughts, concerns, needs and desires. We struggle with feeling good enough and worthy enough to be able to speakRead More

What Do Healthy Boundaries Look Like?

Once we’ve lived with toxic relationships, we start to get a sense of what healthy boundaries would look like for us in more nurturing, supportive, compassionate relationships. We learn from all of the difficult experiences we’ve had. We’ve felt that our boundaries were not respected, and we felt mistreated by the people we cared about.Read More

How Can Travel Help Me in My Recovery?

As we’re working to recover, one thing we realize is that our healing journey is inviting us to find ways to love life again, to replace our unhealthy habits and activities with healthier ones, and to learn how to enjoy ourselves without the use of addictive substances and behaviors. We realize that enjoyment, recreation andRead More

Tackling Addiction and Mental Illness Holistically

Addiction is multifaceted, impacting our entire lives and affecting us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We develop toxic thought patterns, limiting beliefs and recurring thoughts, as well as crippling mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. These issues are matters of emotional health as much as mental, and they are often considered co-occurring disordersRead More

How Can I Attract a Healthy Relationship?

When recovering from addiction and mental illness, one of the things we discover is that the health of our relationships plays a huge part in our overall well-being. We realize that we were so filled with self-destructive ways of thinking and feeling about ourselves that we naturally attracted partnerships and friendships that made us feelRead More

How Do I Learn Independence After Being in Codependent Relationships?

When living with addiction, we commonly find ourselves in codependent relationships full of neediness, dependence and attachment. We very often don’t establish or maintain healthy boundaries. We have poor conflict resolution skills, unhealthy communication styles, and a great deal of interpersonal turmoil. We become so dependent upon our partner that we feel as though weRead More

Creativity and Our Emotions

Our addictions and mental health issues often cause us to have an unhealthy relationship with our emotions. We become so afraid of feeling our emotions that we don’t allow ourselves to feel them fully. We’ve developed unhealthy patterns of suppressing, denying and avoiding our thoughts and feelings. We numb ourselves with our drugs of choice,Read More

Creative Expression for Recovery

Many of us were creative, expressive and playful as children but stopped expressing ourselves creatively after childhood. Growing up, we explored music, art, dance, drama, storytelling and other creative pursuits. Our classes and extracurricular activities exposed us to different art forms, and many of us were intrigued enough to continue studying them. For a lotRead More

Discovering Our Purpose and Fulfillment

Part of the important work we do in recovery is finding ourselves, rebuilding our sense of self and discovering our purpose. We can find that throughout our struggles with addiction, our sense of purpose eluded us. We didn’t know what we were meant to do with our lives. We were confused about our mission. WeRead More