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How Can We Stop Self-Medicating?

Self-medicating is the process by which we use addictive substances and behaviors to numb the pain of our emotional issues, mental illnesses and difficult life challenges. We use drugs, alcohol, sex and gambling to cope with our anxiety, depression, panic attacks and other mental health issues. We use our go-to drugs of choice to tryRead More

Fear of Confrontation

When struggling with addiction, there are some common fears that many of us suffer from acutely, that fuel and drive our addictive cycles. One of those fears is our fear of confrontation. We’re afraid of facing the truth of our addictions. We avoid the truth at all costs. We’re in denial about how serious ourRead More

How Having A Support System Can Help Our Recovery

Working to recover is one of the hardest challenges we’ll undertake in our lives, and there are certain things we can do for ourselves to lessen our load. One of those things is making sure we have a support system to help us through the recovery process. Having people to support us can make allRead More

Rebuilding Our Self-Worth in Recovery

If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, PLEASE call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255). As we’re working to recover, we learn that the challenges we face in our recovery journey don’t just pertain to maintaining our sobriety. They are mental and emotional in nature, and they actually determine how well we willRead More

Where Has All My Energy Gone?

Many of us living with addiction can remember a time in our lives when we had considerably more energy. We were able to tackle our daily routines and keep up with our regular schedules. We juggled multiple different demands all at once. Our work and other obligations didn’t feel so strenuous or tiresome. We didn’tRead More

Why Do I Feel So Unfulfilled?

Our addictions are so overpowering and all-encompassing that they have a way of taking over our lives and causing us to feel a deep sense of unfulfillment. We don’t feel fulfilled or satisfied with our lives as they are. We don’t feel content with who we are as people. We struggle with feeling inadequate, undeservingRead More

Postpartum Depression and Addiction

When we have recently become mothers, we can sometimes experience a particular form of depression known as postpartum depression. We can feel many of the same symptoms of regular depression, along with the added challenges of recent parenthood and everything that can come along with it. Our postpartum depression can contribute to our struggles withRead More

Signs that Troops and Veterans are Struggling

Troops and veterans are often accustomed to hiding their pain from the rest of the world, from their peers and loved ones, even from themselves. They’re conditioned to put on a brave face amidst the most difficult of experiences. They’re taught to pretend that everything is fine, even when they’re in pain. Their work requiresRead More

Supporting Troops’ and Veterans’ Recovery

Addiction and mental health issues are debilitating for all of us, and we each face unique challenges in our struggles with them. For troops and veterans who have been in active duty, there are specific difficulties pertaining to their experience. How can we support them in their recovery? One way we can support troops andRead More

How Are We Strengthened by our Experience with Addiction?

Living with addiction, many of us come to identify ourselves as being weak people, because we see our addictions as a reflection of our shame and immorality. We see ourselves as being too weak to withstand the temptation of our addictive urges and compulsions. When we’re working to recover, we start to see our addictionsRead More