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Al-ATot and Al-ATeen Programs for Children

Young people living with adults struggling with addiction, face unique challenges, many of which are rarely addressed because, as we know, there is often a culture of silence, shame, avoidance and denial surrounding addiction. The Al-ATot and Al-ATeen programs are designed for these children who might not be able to discuss their parents’ or caregivers’Read More

What Are Some Hidden Signs of Addiction?

Sometimes as addicts we engage in behaviors that are toxic and unhealthy, behaviors that reflect our addictions but that we don’t necessarily associate with addiction because they appear to be less dangerous and destructive as the ones we do think of us as problematic. We think because we’re not angry and volatile, violent or abusive,Read More

How Can I Determine My Identity Beyond Addiction?

 Our addictions and mental health issues have a way of overtaking our lives and causing us to forget who we are beyond our illnesses. We can begin to feel as though our identities have been reduced to being merely addicts and people who are mentally ill. We have a hard time remembering what it wasRead More