Riverside Recovery of Tampa Announces ASAM Level Care Certification

Tampa, FL–March 2021 – Riverside Recovery of Tampa, a local addiction treatment facility in Florida, has earned the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Level of Care Certification. This is a very prestigious certification for both outpatient and in-patient facilities that only the most advanced and successful companies are awarded in conjunction with The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Earning accreditation from both of these organizations is given to facilities that have core beliefs that no one addiction recovery program fits all patients.

The Dimensions of a Multidimensional Assessment

An in-depth biopsychosocial and holistic assessment is made of an individual to make a plan of action specific to all of their needs to provide the best outcome possible in their treatment regimen. This information helps to formulate a plan for all levels of care that the individual will need to re-enter society and remain non-drug dependent. Many questions are asked to structure their unique plan including:

  • Past and current experiences of substance abuse and withdrawal
  • Exploring the individual’s past health history and current physical conditions
  • Exploring the individual’s emotions, mental health, and thoughts of an individual
  • Exploring the individual’s interest and readiness to change
  • Exploring the individual’s relationship with relapses or problems or continued use
  • Exploring the individual’s living situation during and after recovery and their family, people nearby, things, and places that will be around in recovery.

Having an in-depth and complete picture of the person’s past, present, and future with dependency will help to give them the best chance of recovery without a relapse. The patients are strongly encouraged to work with the treatment plan and their providers based on these criteria. It takes into consideration the person as a whole and not just the most recent incident that occurred to understand their goals, strengths, and needs for the best treatment possible.

Levels of Care

The levels of care include plans that start with early intervention at level 0.5 and then they hit benchmarks as they work through higher levels of the program. Outpatient services are level 1, level 2 is intensive outpatients or partial hospitalization and level 2.5 is partial hospitalization. The next benchmark is level 3 for residential and inpatient services and 3.1 is low-intensity residential services. Level 3.3 is population-specific high-intensity residential services and 3.5 is clinically managed high-intensity residential services. The highest level is 3.7, being medically managed high-intensity residential services.

Riverside Recovery of Tampa received certifications from 3.5 to 3.7 for more serious addictions. A patient can start from a number that translates to the amount of help they need and from there can go to lower levels during their recovery or they may need to stay in part of the program a bit longer before moving to the next step of recovery.

What Does This Mean For Patients and their Families?

The significance of this accreditation and its course of action is that families can see the patient making great headway as they master the skills needed to reshape their lives and recover completely. You can expect your loved ones to get the best expert care available while also including the family and their dynamics in the course of treatment. Involving the family helps all members to repair the essential bonds between them and even further the successful treatment plan. These goals help families to grow and heal together to create a healthy lifestyle for the entire family in the future.

Riverside Recovery of Tampa 

Riverside Recovery of Tampa’s facility allows us to offer the full continuum of care from medical detox, residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient. Riverside Recovery of Tampa is located on the Hillsborough River near downtown Tampa and is easily accessible from Tampa International Airport. We utilize everything from evidence-based technology to mindful meditation and aim to provide a serene, soothing environment for our clients. Every aspect of the building, from its views of the river to the specific lighting and floors, were created to encourage recovery and create the best possible environment for our clients and their family. Riverside Recovery of Tampa accepts several different major insurance providers. For more information please visit rrampa.com or contact our team. 

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