How Can We Teach Our Children to Express Their Emotions?

One of the things we learn as recovering addicts is just how harmful it can be to deny and suppress our feelings. The more we avoid feeling our difficult emotions, the harder they become to deal with, and we develop coping mechanisms that often coincide with, or develop into, addictive patterns. Many of us feelRead More

Self-Discovery for Recovery

We can truly start to heal and grow when we learn about ourselves. Self-discovery is the road to self-knowledge, empowerment, and inner peace. Here’s how it can enhance our recovery journeys.  Our recovery work is multilayered and multifaceted, and what it all boils down to, ultimately, is a process of self-discovery. We don’t always viewRead More

Wellness Tools in Recovery

It’s so important to have a set of wellness tools for our recovery and lives. Here, we take a look at the importance of mindfulness and self-expression.  Part of our recovery work is learning new coping skills and adding wellness tools to our mental and emotional health toolbox. Often when struggling with addiction and mentalRead More

Florida’s PRN and IPN Programs

Taking a look at the Impaired Practitioners Programs in the state of Florida. Healthcare providers need care, too. The state of Florida has two Impaired Practitioners Programs: Professionals Resource Network (PRN), and Intervention Project for Nurses (IPN). The PRN and its medical director work with the Department of Health and the Department of Business andRead More

Insurance Coverage and Substance Abuse

Worrying about the cost of recovery programs can be a huge source of stress. Thankfully, most insurance plans cover the cost of treatment.  One of our biggest concerns as recovering addicts, one that can cause us a lot of stress, worry, and anxiety, is how we will cover the cost of our recovery treatment program.Read More