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How to Interact with Old Drinking Friends 

One of the many challenges of sobriety is determining how to handle the relationships that were important to us in the past and navigating the dynamics within those relationships. It can be confusing and stressful trying to figure out how to interact with old friends and loved ones, particularly if they are still using ourRead More

How Can I Hold Onto Hope?

As we’re working to recover, it’s impossible to feel hopeful and optimistic all the time. We’re bound to have times when we feel hopeless, pessimistic, even cynical. We’re going to experience feeling down on ourselves, afraid, defeated and self-doubting. How hopeful we are about our recovery often determines how successful we ultimately are. If we’reRead More

Loneliness as a Trigger in Recovery 

As recovering addicts, we know that certain emotions can be especially triggering for us, emotions we’re particularly sensitive to, that make us feel increasingly depressed or anxious, that make us want to seek comfort and relief in our drugs of choice. For many of us, one of the strongest of these emotions is the lonelinessRead More

Staying Connected to Treatment as Alumni

As alumni of addiction recovery treatment programs, we sometimes have a tendency once we’ve completed treatment to disconnect from the program that helped us to achieve sobriety. We often don’t want to stay connected for various reasons, many of which have a lot to do with our inexperience with sobriety. Sometimes we assume that becauseRead More

What Can We Do When We Feel Paralyzed by Fear? 

Fear has a way of overtaking us and making such an impact on our lives that we feel there’s nothing we can do anything about it. Our fears contribute to our mental health issues such as our depression and anxiety, and they become these invisible but totally debilitating, overpowering, destructive forces in our lives. WeRead More