Celebrating Ourselves in Recovery

One of the things many of us share in common as addicts is our tendency to be super hard on ourselves, even in our recovery. We beat ourselves up for how long it took us to get here. We’re disappointed in ourselves for taking longer than we would have liked to get well. We continueRead More

Examining Our Childhoods

As much as we might want to leave our pasts behind us so that we can move forward and look to a happier future, we can only truly move forward once we’ve come to terms with our past. We are often still grappling with unresolved issues, unanswered questions and unhealed fears and emotions. We stillRead More

How Can We Learn to Detach from Our Pain?

When living with addiction and mental illness, we develop many emotional patterns that exacerbate our pain and contribute to our unwellness. One of those patterns is our tendency to form strong attachments to our painful thoughts, feelings, memories and fears. We cling to them because they are what we are most familiar with. We developRead More

The Strength in Vulnerability

Many of us have been conditioned to think that in order to be strong and competent, we must be totally independent. We think that we should never ask anyone for anything, and that we should be able to do everything on our own. We assume we’re weak if we need help. These thought patterns areRead More

How Do Our Lifestyles Contribute to Our Addictions?

Our addictions are so pervasive that they can totally overtake our entire lives, causing us to create lifestyles that are destructive and damaging to our health. Many of us are engaging in unhealthy and destructive habits, making poor lifestyle choices, and staying in toxic relationships. How do our lifestyles contribute to our addictions? Our homeRead More