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The Pain of Relapse

For those of us who have been struggling with addiction for any length of time, chances are we’ve experienced relapse and all of the pain that comes along with it. We give so much energy to wanting to be clean, sober or abstinent that we create expectations for ourselves, some of which can be unrealisticRead More

Reflecting on Our Treatment

A hugely important part of the recovery process is taking the time to reflect on our treatment. We want to give some thought to how effective our program was for us, whether we feel we benefited from it, whether or not we were able to take full advantage of it. It can help us inRead More

What Role Does the Subconscious Play in Our Recovery?

Everything we do, think and feel is governed by our subconscious mind. Our subconscious is where all of our emotional information is stored – our deeply rooted feelings, the memories of our trauma, our woundedness, and our emotional “baggage.” Our thought patterns, emotional responses, behavioral patterns, routines and life decisions are all impacted by theRead More

Rebuilding Our Lives

For those of us struggling with addiction, we know just how destructive and debilitating it can be. It can transform our minds, our relationships, and our lives, often in painful ways. It alters our sense of self and our self-image, impacting how we operate both inwardly within ourselves, and outwardly, in our relationships with otherRead More

How Can We Clear Our Resistance?

When it comes to our emotional health and well-being, many of us are holding onto what we refer to as emotional blocks. We experience blockages that prevent us from feeling our emotions fully, from expressing and communicating them, and from processing the challenging thoughts that contribute to our emotions. When we are blocked, we canRead More

Using the Principles of Manifestation for Recovery

Conscious manifestation is the practice of being intentional with our thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and therefore our energy, to create the changes we want in our lives and to bring about the things we want for ourselves. We can use the same principles of conscious manifestation to help us in our recovery process. When we’reRead More

Self-Care to Prevent Relapse

When we’re working to recover from our addictions, it’s so important that we dedicate time and energy to self-care to help us prevent ourselves from relapsing. Addiction recovery is an especially strenuous and challenging time in our lives. When we’re first recovering, we’re particularly susceptible to the temptation that naturally occurs, and we can veryRead More

How Can I Reconnect with Myself?

Our addictions are so overpowering that they can totally alter our relationship with ourselves. We think and feel about ourselves in damaging ways because of all the shame, disappointment and regret we carry around our addictions. We create a self-perception and self-image based on the people we’ve become due to our addictions, rather than onRead More

Making Healthy Relationship Choices in Recovery

Whenever we want to start making healthier choices for ourselves, we first need to become more conscious of how we’re thinking, feeling and operating. Our thought patterns, emotional responses and behaviors inform and direct the choices we make. Our decisions are often dictated by our inner world. If we’re feeling down on ourselves for example,Read More

How Do I Motivate Myself in Recovery?

Our addictions are so debilitating that as we’re working to recover, we can find that our joy and sense of fulfillment have become totally depleted from our past experiences. We can find ourselves losing our hopefulness, our optimism and our positivity. We’ve been filled with so much shame and disappointment for so long that weRead More