Believing in Our Inner Power

Our addictions and mental health issues can cause us to lose faith in ourselves and to stop believing in ourselves. As we go through the difficult experiences in our lives, we often don’t believe we have the strength to get through them. We can feel hopeless and without direction. We give up on ourselves. We can make great strides in healing ourselves when we work to believe in our inner power.

We have a power within us that is a manifestation of our higher power. When we tap into it, it is our source of strength, hope and faith. It can help us to navigate any difficulty we find ourselves up against, but when we don’t believe in our inner power, we block our connection to it. We stop it from being able to support us and give us strength. We hinder our ability to follow the guidance of our intuition, an important element of our inner power. We stop seeing ourselves as a reflection of our higher power. We are essentially cutting ourselves off from that higher power. When this happens, we can feel even more alone, overwhelmed, lost and scared. We can feel like we don’t know where to go or what to do. It can be a very difficult thing to lose our sense of inner power. How can we work to believe in our inner power again?

Try to see yourself the way your higher power sees you – a spiritual being of light and love that is struggling with difficult human experiences but who has the ability to transcend any challenge put in front of you. Our struggles are spiritual tests, and sometimes the answers we are looking for come from putting total faith in our inner power, which is our higher power working through us. Try to tell yourself things like, “I carry my higher power within me. I have all the strength I need. I am a miraculous manifestation of my higher power that is guiding and supporting me. I believe in my own power. I believe in my own strength. I have faith that my inner power and higher power will carry me through this.”

Our trials are challenging us to reconnect with our inner power. They are testing our ability to believe in ourselves and to have faith in our strength. They are calling us to tap into our inner power, especially when we’re finding it most difficult to.  

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