Can an Accountability Partner Help Me?

There are certain tools we can use to help us move forward in our recovery, and one of the best tools we can equip ourselves with is an accountability partner. We can ask a therapist, recovery coach, sponsor or trusted friend to be a teammate in our recovery work. They can give us the encouragement we need when we’re feeling ourselves slipping with our goals and can motivate and uplift us when we’re feeling down. Sometimes we can find ourselves feeling alone and isolated in our recovery. We struggle to hold ourselves accountable to ourselves, to our sobriety and to our wellness. Having an accountability partner can be the added source of support we need to help ourselves stay on track with our work.

When we work with a partner, we can grow our self-awareness by asking the other person to help us reflect back on what we feel our successes have been and what areas of our lives we feel we need improvement in. Our accountability partner can provide us with a more unbiased, nonjudgmental perspective when we ourselves are too enmeshed in our troubles to think logically and rationally about how to deal with issues and solve our problems. Our accountability partners can give us feedback on our growth. We can learn valuable information about ourselves by being open to receiving guidance and insight from people we trust. We can explore our personal issues in more depth. The more we examine ourselves honestly and don’t shy away from the vulnerability that comes with self-examination, the more self-aware we become and the more we open ourselves up for healing.

Working with an accountability partner gives us someone else to feel responsible towards. When we remind ourselves of the reasons why we’re recovering, such as the people in our lives that we feel responsible for, we’re more likely to withstand the temptation and urges that lead to relapse. We’re more likely to prioritize our sobriety and stay committed to it. Our accountability partner is another person we can allow to motivate us, to help fuel our passion for our recovery, and to be a reason to stay sober. We can feel supported, nurtured and connected when we work with someone else as part of our recovery. We can feel less alone, more heard, understood and validated, enabling us to feel stronger and more empowered as we work towards healing.

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