Accessing the Subconscious Mind for Healing

One of our greatest challenges when it comes to healing are the discrepancies between our conscious and subconscious minds. Consciously we want to heal, and we want to be happy. Subconsciously, however, we’re still holding onto limiting beliefs that tell us we don’t deserve to be happy, that we’re not strong enough to heal, that we’re not good enough to have the lives we want for ourselves. When our conscious and subconscious minds are so at odds with each other, our capacity for healing and progress is greatly impaired. We’re holding ourselves back and limiting our potential. We might consciously want what’s best for us, but subconsciously we’re self-destructive and self-limiting. In order to heal on a deeper level, we have to access the subconscious mind. Until we do that, we won’t maximize our potential for healing, and chances are we won’t make much progress with our addiction recovery.

The subconscious mind governs 95% of our daily lives, our thoughts, feelings and actions, and therefore our energy. This energy is the energy with which we manifest everything in our lives, including our healing, or lack thereof. The emotional information stored in our subconscious mind informs everything about our lives. We want to clear out the internal blocks we have stored there, so that we can move forward and bring peace and healing to our lives.

Accessing the subconscious mind is easier than it sounds. A powerful way to do this is through meditation. Many new meditators are intimidated by the idea of clearing our minds and silencing our thoughts. While it is possible to do this, the goal with meditation is to ease our overactive minds and neutralize the racing thoughts that are increasing our stress levels, pumping extra adrenaline, cortisol and other chemicals through our bodies, and be able to calm ourselves down. When we practice meditation, we find ourselves less reactive, calmer and better able to focus on solutions to our problems. We’re able to move through difficult situations with more grace and ease. We’re less likely to get stuck in the recurring, toxic thought patterns contributing to our heightened stress. We’re better able to eliminate the beliefs that are holding us back.

When we meditate, we’re connecting directly with the subconscious mind. We can meditate with breathing exercises, visualization, and by repeating affirmations. When we’re in a meditative state, we can focus on visualizing ourselves healed and whole. We can affirm to ourselves that we believe in ourselves, that we are good enough, strong enough, worthy enough, deserving enough. We can affirm that we deserve happiness, love and good health. The more we work to connect with our inner minds, the better our chances for profound healing.

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