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Starting Clean

With expert providers and round-the-clock care, detox at Riverside Recovery offers privacy, comfort, and safety as all the physical traces of drugs and alcohol leave your system. We get your recovery journey started on the right foot.

Medically Assisted Detox


Healing Addiction

Our comfortable, modern amenities, waterfront location, and all-inclusive care makes our residential treatment program stand out from the rest. We are not your average inpatient rehab program: we are your home for recovery.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment


Feeling Control

Day/Night Program offers all-day programming without an overnight commitment. Sometimes called a partial hospitalization program, our day/night treatment option provides flexibility and builds confidence as you take steps toward independent life.

Day/Night Program


Living Sober

1 or 3 day per week. You’re ready to get back to work, school or family life — but you still want accountability and therapeutic support. Balance treatment and your daily life with our intensive outpatient program, offered three days per week at flexible times to fit seamlessly in your day-to-day schedule.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Recovery for Us
is Personal

Seventy-five percent of our staff has gone through the recovery process and experienced firsthand what it feels like to have your addiction define you. We want your experience to be better.

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Riverside Recovery is an addiction treatment center for men and women offering a full continuum of care for people suffering from addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.

We focus on the long run, not just one stage of your recovery, so we provide multiple levels of care to help you move through treatment and prepare for independent life. Our programs include detox, residential, day/night and outpatient options — and we ensure that you enter and leave treatment at the levels of care that make sense for you. Our continuum of care is designed to provide everything you need to rebuild your health, restore your confidence and create a foundation for lasting recovery. 

Our programs are individualized and customized for every client. We know that your experience with addiction is informed by your background, your lifestyle, and more — every patient we treat is unlike anyone we have treated before. We work closely with you to identify what you need from us, and we make sure we can provide it at our high standard of care. With this approach, addiction treatment at Riverside Recovery can be the right fit for a wide variety of clients. Whether you have been to rehab or this is your first time; whether you are struggling with addiction to alcohol, drugs, or both; or whether you need treatment for trauma or a co-occurring disorder, we are here to help. Our admissions team is available to provide more information and to help you find out of Riverside Recovery is right for you.

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Calming Aesthetics

Our holistic approach to treatment encompasses all parts of the recovery process, including the relaxing aesthetics of our beautiful waterfront facility. Holistic treatment restores mental, physical and spiritual health, and a comforting, tranquil environment is essential to ease the mind and release stress. Everything in our facility, from the location to the decor, is designed to promote a sense of calm and allow our clients to focus on their recovery. Client rooms are adorned with serene artwork, clean linens, and fresh white linens. Each room in the facility is thoughtfully furnished to encourage a relaxed state of mind and body, both of which are vital to the recovery process. Our waterfront location provides views of the Hillsborough River and a peaceful atmosphere that comes with being surrounded by natural beauty.

Healthy Living

A healthy mind and body go hand in hand, another key principle in our holistic approach. Numerous studies support the idea that a nutritious diet can improve mental health, confidence and even perceived happiness — and that bolstering these aspects of your mental health can make you more motivated to take good care of your body. To ensure that our patients can enjoy the benefits of a strong mind-body connection, we provide daily catered meals to provide the nutritional foundation for wellness and recovery. We also teach our patients healthy lifestyle habits like nutritious meal preparation to help them lead a balanced life beyond our programs.

Supportive Environment

On the road to recovery, the support and fellowship of others are vital. We provide a range of group-oriented modalities and team-building therapies every day. Staff and clients build camaraderie through a blend of engaging mental, physical and spiritual activities, such as group talk therapy and recovery meetings; yoga and recreation therapy including swimming, team sports; visits to the beach and museums, and mindful meditation and access to spiritual services. Our family programming also helps patients restore relationships with their loved ones to strengthen their support network outside of recovery treatment. We are also dedicated to supporting the individual through evidence-based one-on-one therapies, such as dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma resolution, and biofeedback.


Riverside Recovery is located on the beautiful Hillsborough River in the heart of Tampa, FL, easily accessible from major highways and a short drive from Tampa International Airport. Our 60,000 square foot facility houses all our programs and is the ideal environment for patients to break free from addiction and begin their journey to recovery.


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