Recovery Coaching

Treatment centers are implementing an extremely helpful resource in their work with addicts – recovery coaches. Many treatment centers across the country employ, and were founded by, people who are in recovery themselves, who have successfully worked to heal from their addictions and who are uniquely qualified to be able to help other people do the same. The commonalities in their experience make them better able to understand, empathize and relate to clients. They can provide the necessary mental and emotional support and have a deeper understanding of addiction because of their lived experience. Some centers have created a designated position for recovery coaches, and the help they provide can be invaluable to clients’ successful recoveries.

Recovery coaches can help clients take advantage of the resources available to them, during treatment and after they’ve left the center. Their expertise and knowledge enable them to help point clients in the right direction for seeking out services, such as therapy and other forms of support. Because coaches work one-on-one with clients and stay closely connected to them throughout the duration of their program, they get to know them in a deeper way than other staff members might be able to. They understand their clients’ individual needs and strengths. They can recommend therapists they think will be a good fit. They can help connect them with the resources and services that will be most beneficial to them, such as family therapy, support groups and relapse prevention programs in their communities.

Coaches, like sponsors, can give the individual support, attention and care that we need when we’re struggling. They have years of professional experience and expertise to help us make the most of our program and achieve the results we’re hoping for. Being connected to someone who understands addiction and recovery can help us to feel less isolated, less alone. We feel understood, respected and heard. When we feel encouraged and supported in this way, we can feel more empowered to stay on track with our program. We have an ally to help us overcome feelings of defeat, depression and hopelessness.

Recovery coaches sometimes work outside of the treatment center, in local communities, to connect with the people who are most vulnerable, who haven’t yet started treatment or received support services. The presence of recovery coaches in our communities can help people get the support they need, leading to more people receiving treatment and fewer people losing their lives to overdose.

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