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The Ways We Hurt Our Loved Ones

Our addictions not only harm us, they also adversely affect our loved ones. Addiction rips apart our lives and the lives of everyone who cares about us. Since we don’t live in isolation, our addiction can touch anyone who has any involvement in our lives. Our partners, friends, family members and co-workers can all beRead More

How Can Mindfulness Help Us Prevent Relapse?

When we are struggling with addiction, we very often have not yet learned the important practice of mindfulness. Our addictive behaviors hinge on our lack of mindfulness. Rather than mindfully dealing with our thoughts and emotions, we bury them under distractions of all kinds. Our drugs and addictive behaviors turn our focus away from ourRead More

The Sacrifices We Make in Recovery

Beginning the recovery process is a demanding and challenging undertaking. We have to be ready to do the rigorous emotional work. We also have to be willing to make certain sacrifices. When we make the ultimate choice that our health and peace of mind are most important to us, there are some things we willRead More

How Does Trauma Impact Our Life Cycles?

When we’ve lived through trauma, we often find ourselves in life cycles where we’re repeating the same patterns and experiencing the same recurring life issues. When we analyze these cycles, we can see just how they were influenced by our trauma. What are some of the ways in which trauma can impact our life cycles?Read More

How Are We Affected by Trauma?

Many of us experience some kind of trauma in our lives, and we’re all affected differently by it. We each develop unique thought patterns, behaviors, fears and emotional responses that can all be impacted by our trauma. What are some of the ways in which we are affected by our traumatic experiences? Trauma can beRead More

Healing from Trauma

One of the core elements of our recovery process is working to heal from the traumatic experiences we’ve endured in our lives. Our addiction and mental health issues are traumatic in and of themselves, so we’re often attempting to heal from multiple events and issues. This process can be an overwhelming and daunting one, butRead More

Why is Fellowship Important?

Fellowship is a core value for many treatment centers and support groups. Our approach to recovery is based on the premise that we are stronger together, that we are meant to operate in community and partnership with one another, and that we have much to learn from our shared experience. Why is fellowship so importantRead More

Avoiding Toxic People

Recovering from our addictions requires some necessary lifestyle changes to reinforce our goals of sobriety and to keep ourselves on track. There are some elements of our daily lives and our environments that derail our progress and pose a threat to our sobriety. When it comes to our interpersonal relationships, we want to learn toRead More

How is Family Involvement Beneficial to our Recovery?

At Riverside Recovery, we know how important family involvement is to the success of your recovery. To this end, we offer weekly family therapy sessions as well as monthly family workshops. Our goal is to help educate families on the nature of addiction and on ways in which they can help their loved ones, asRead More

Consciously Working Our Program

The vast majority of people struggling with addiction never get the help they need to recover. For those of us who are fortunate enough to get help, we have a powerful opportunity that we should take full advantage of. We might be well served remembering how common it can be to overdose, and what aRead More