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Learning New Skills to Bolster Our Recovery 

Our recovery program can entail anything that supports our sobriety and helps us stay on track with our goals. For many of us, this work can include learning entirely new skills that we might not associate with recovery because they don’t necessarily relate to sobriety in particular, but that bolster our recovery in various differentRead More

How Exercise Can Help Us in Recovery 

As we’re working towards sobriety, there are many things we can use to cope with all of the different challenges that arise. Exercise is one of the most therapeutic and beneficial among them. Our struggles with addiction cause us to neglect our physical health, along with our mental and emotional health, and exercise is aRead More

How Can Negative Thinking Impact Our Recovery? 

Many of us struggling with addiction and mental health issues have developed strong patterns of negative thinking, and as we work to heal, we realize that our thought patterns have a significant impact on our ability to recover. Our negative recurring thoughts become our beliefs, and they become instilled in our consciousness, affecting everything fromRead More